There is so much more to our world than we can see, hear, feel and know with limited senses. What is often seen as psychic “gifts” are actually abilities we all have, some of us more naturally than others but all psychic senses can be developed by anyone. The spirit world has many different levels of beings and although many people are interested in psychic development, knowledge of the spirit and soul worlds is just as important to develop so messages received are coming from a source that has the persons highest good as their intention. Some people can see, hear and feel and know more than the average population, but lack of knowledge of the spirit world prevents them from fully understanding the extra sensory information they may receive. This can cause confusion, false or incorrect information and be labelled by the medical community as disorders or “mental” illness.

We live in a 3D world but there are beings in 4D, 5D, 6D going up to multi D. We are in fact multi dimensional beings but knowledge of this truth is not widely known. When our senses begin to sense these other worlds, which our mainstream society say don’t exist, confusion can occur and it is human nature to fear what we don’t understand. Hence psychic ability can be a challenging notion for many, whilst fascinating for others. For me and others with well developed skills and abilities as described below, these other “worlds” are just as real as the everyday 3 dimensional world that you live in.


When a person dies, the only thing that really changes is that their body ceases to exist. The persons’ consciousness remains, so their spirit then leaves the body and is free to travel back home to “light” or “heaven” or “source”. If the person has died, suddenly or tragically, their consciousness remains in shock, and just as they were “in body”, they may go into shock caused by the trauma, and not actually witness their own death due to a block in memory or denial. This shock prevents them from knowing that they have died and they will still see, hear and sense the world as they knew it. The best way to understand this phenomena is via the potrayal of an earth bound spirit in the movie, “The sixth sense” by M. Night Shyamalan, starring Bruce Willis. Although I have spoken to and witnessed spirits who are unaware that they have passed, this movie is the best portrayal of an “earth bound” spirit   that I have ever seen.

Other people, after their bodies cease to exist, may become aware of the light or drawn to it, but stay to try and finish, “unfinished business” and others do not see or get drawn to the light because their vibration or frequency is not attuned to the light. Religious views may have people believe, that people must earn their space in heaven or have a certain number of good deeds in their life, but reaching the light is actually quite scientific. Light is as much a density as it is a frequency.

When something is light, it weighs less. The opposite to light is heavy. Emotions such as hate, greed, envy, jealousy, resentment etc are heavy in density. If a person has a lot of these thoughts, emotions or unfinished business in their consciousness, they cannot rise to the light. They can have these feelings transformed by an experience which can lift these either by spirit beings, which can be passed over ancestors who come and make themselves known to the spirit to try and guide them to the light or by a psychic medium in the 3D world they just left who can see, hear, and feel them and guide them, to the light. This is known as crossing a spirit over into the light. The TV show, “The Ghost whisperer” depicts this well in it’s many episodes of “stuck” spirits.

Those with unfinished business or confused spirits are known as ghosts who cause hauntings and possessions and can interfere on the earthly realms although they are not in body.


The next plane on the way “home” is the fifth dimensional plane where beings live in close proximity to our 3D world to assist the living. On this plane are higher beings with great knowledge who have achieved personal ascension. Personal ascension which will be described in greater detail in further chapters, can be summarised as a being who has learnt all of their soul lessons and transcended all their personal karma. They have knowledge of our worlds far beyond our own limited view and therefore have the potential to guide us. They do not have their own agenda unlike earth bound spirits and can offer great unconditional love and assistance. Examples of ascended masters are Jesus Christ, Buddha, Saint Germain and Mary Magdalene.


When it comes to receiving information or messages through extra sensory means, it is important that you only open yourself to higher realms and to beings of unconditional love and light who can guide you. Those who have not achieved personal mastery through ascension or beings who have not crossed over into the light may have their own agenda or may knowingly deceive or trick you with false information. All of my work has always been done with a set intention and boundary. I always ask for information to be provided only for the highest and best intention of the person from beings on higher planes who are in the vibration and frequency of unconditional love. I also work with other beings on higher planes other than those mentioned on this page, but more on that later.

There are 4 main types of psychic ability. I work with all of these abilities simultaneously to get information for a client. A person may have one or two of these skills highly developed or may be stronger in one than the other.

Clairvoyance: This is the more widely known ability. This is a psychic “seeing” ability where images, scenes or information is  shown or seen with the third eye. These images or scenes can come through dreaming or meditative states or if well developed, can come at any time in an awakened state through the mind. During a reading, I may get visual cues pertaining to the clients, past present or future using this ability. Sometimes when working with or developing this ability, it can be confusing as images may come through which at first do not seem to correlate or resonate with anything, but in my experience, all images and information received has some meaning and it is a matter of practice to note everything is received and work out later what meaning or correlation it has.

Clairaudience: This is a psychic “hearing” ability. You can hear messages either audibly or through an “inner” hearing which is like receiving information telepathically. Telepathy is communication through thought form. Some people do not realise that they have this skill or ability because they do not differentiate their own thought from another thought that may come in from another source. This is because they are expecting to hear an outer voice. Clairaudience can be developed by practising regular mindfulness through meditative practise and developing what is known as the “observer” so that the inner hearing can be more recognised.

Clairsentience: This is a psychic “feeling” ability. Messages received this way are through feeling, often referred to as a “gut” or intuitive feeling. A gut feeling is best described as having a good/bad or indifferent feeling towards something without any other information to provide evidence for that feeling. For example, you may meet someone for the first time, and have a bad or eerie feeling when you meet them. You may feel like you don’t want to talk to them or wish to distance yourself from them without knowing why. When developing this skill or ability, you may receive information through feelings or bodily sensations. A very common bodily sensation is hairs standing on end or goosebumps. Some people have related this to fear from conditioning through horror movies, but it is my belief that this sensation is a signal for truth. From as young as I can remember, when I have spoken the truth or given accurate information using these 4 extra senses, my body has exhibited this phenomena.

Claircognizance– Relates to an inner knowing without any conceivable doubt that something is true. This is an interesting ability to have and use especially on it’s own without the other abilities as it simply feels like the information gained came out of nowhere at no time, it is just known! It is a skill based on ESP –Extrasensory perception or ESP, also called sixth sense, which includes reception of information not gained through the recognized physical senses but sensed with the mind.This is the hardest sense to develop and grow as it relies heavily on trust and faith and noting of experience to develop.

An example of claircognizance is knowing information without ever gaining it by traditional means. I once was walking in single file through the bush with some friends with me in the lead when we came across a brown snake. I alerted the others instructing the others to stop moving immediately and that we needed to do is not panic, be quiet and still and wait for the snake to pass so we did not frighten it through our movement which would vibrate through the ground. As the snake went on its way and we all gathered in a clearing, they thanked me for assisting them with my knowledge of snakes and asked me how I knew what to do. They were all suprised when I told them I didn’t know what to do and had no experience or knowledge of them and that I just intuitively “knew” what to do. As a matter of interest, I googled information on snakes and best advice of what to do if you see one and low and behold, what I did and instructed the others to do was correct!

Developing any of these skills takes time and practise just like our other senses. We weren’t speaking fluent sentences and making sense straight away as children, so too receiving and making sense of information gained through other means takes time. Psychic senses can be opened by psychic healers and spiritual practises known as kundalini awakenings but the learning that comes through experience is often missed and is not ideal. For example, having your third eye opened so that you could see into other worlds and receive images in this way could have you experience more than you bargained for and have the capacity and maturity to deal with.

The best way to develop these skills is through personal development, clearing past traumas, hurts and raising one’s own vibration to a higher frequency and light in order to hear, see and feel the information clearly. The “cleaner” you are in vibration and frequency, the clearer your channels will be. Good food, self care, regular exercise, regular “turning in” or self reflection through journaling or stillness, silence and meditative practise all do wonders. You also have your own spirit guided who will choose to reveal more to you as you develop and will give you more information and access as you progress and as you can handle it. It also comes to a question of integrity in your personal development as sometimes these abilities come with great sacredness and responsibility and should never be misused as they all have their consequences based on the many spiritual laws which operate.

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