Hi and welcome to my site. I call myself a soul specialist because that’s what I specialise in: Soul Level Healing. After working with people from a therapeutic framework and having my own awakenings and psychic abilities flourish, I began to see the need to treat people more holistically by incorporating the world of spirit and soul. Seeing that not every issue originates from this lifetime or generation and that some issues are caused by spiritual malady rather than psychological ones, I set myself on a mission to create sessions, programs, workshops and events that will help people learn and heal on this level.


I am particularly passionate about teaching people about the spirit world and the nature of the soul, how to raise their intuition and live their soul purpose and how to not fall into the cracks of the mental health system. For a lot of sensitive, intuitive and advanced souls, this is something that has been happening, where not so normal experiences are labelled as crazy or symptoms of depression and anxiety are attributed to a psychological disorder or chemical imbalance.

So passionate that I wrote my first book all about it. You can check that out here:


My wish for you is to find peace, acceptance and unconditional love for yourself. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

About Marie

Marie has a background in counselling and working with adolescents in the drug and alcohol and mental health field and has taught Counselling and Mental Health on a tertiary level. Marie has trained in Gestalt psychotherapy, Systematic & Family Constellations, specialising in trauma and is a Theta Healing and Crystal Dreaming practitioner.

A talented psychic and channeler, famous for her psychic scanning abilities to see and feel all seven of the energy bodies, and accessing the akashic records on the soul planes. Marie is highly skilled as well as having access to a high level of natural intuitive abilities.


  • Grad Dip. Gestalt Psychotherapy
  • Certificate in Family and Systematic Constellations
  • Certificate in Advanced Theta healing DNA
  • Certificate in Intuitive Anatomy – Theta Healing
  • Certificate in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
  • Certified Advanced Crystal Dreaming Practitioner
  • Certificate In Energy Healing

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