A starseed is a type of soul who has lived many of their incarnations as a being in star systems and whom often have specific missions to assist Planet Earth and her peoples to bring in the golden age. Suffering the same birth amnesia we all go through, starseed souls differ in that they are encoded with a ‘wake-up call’ designed to activate them at a pre-determined moment in life. Awakening can be gentle and gradual, or quite dramatic and abrupt. Either way, the soul amnesia starts to fall away so that they can consciously carry out their missions. Often, they are here to create new systems where old ones aren’t working. Their activations help them with their connection to their higher self so they can be largely guided by their inner knowing.
Many starseeds are practised in rapid spiritual growth, being able to clear limiting patterns and fears that might take Earth humans many lifetimes to accomplish.

You may identify as one of these clearly because you are already aware of your own activation, or you may have been going through an awakening process that feels like life has become a jigsaw puzzle of psychic phenomena, where you are feeling like you are picking up clues from the universe but are not really able to fit it all together yet. This can feel like you are going crazy and are different to everyone around you. Without a reference point, you can fall into the trap of judging yourself as weird and crazy. Starseeds also suffer a lot of depression and anxiety, often with the feeling of wanting to go ‘home’.

A Starseed Activation session assists you as a specific set of healings are carried out on your energy body. No two starseed healings are ever the same. There is an integration of specific light codes which assist your specific mission, clearing psychic debris, unconscious and unhelpful thought patterns are released which have been causing some of those energetic restraints you have been feeling but unable to put your finger on! Your star origins and history can be obtained as well which often provides a soul memory activation which is a healing in itself. Your soul blueprint is accessed and activated so that your life mission can be accessed at a faster rate as your path is cleared through the higher vibrational energies pulling you into alignment.
Marie was such a wonder to work with; she created such a beautiful space which I felt totally safe in. Marie intuitively guided me through a starseed activation which was something out of this world, next-level stuff. I would recommend Marie to everyone who has that little voice in their head.

Rhys McKay

Accept your ability to sense, know, feel and hear the non-physical. Use it to guide you. To show and light your way rather than be afraid by it, or rather the opposite, where you may be excited by it but miss the opportunity it presents to you. The opportunity of wise creation. For without the sensitives here on this planet, without the empaths, the earth herself has no empathic witness to see, feel and understand that she is being harmed and destroyed. Through the lens of your empathic souls, you return harmony to the whole. Allow yourself to feel, let it out, do not stifle it, soothe yourself as your expressions arise and accept the difference that you are making in this world by being you.The Pleiadians

From Same Same But Different – A soul approach to mental health

I was extremely fortunate to meet Marie when I did. In many ways I was aware of what was happening for me at the time, but Marie pinpointed an issue that needed to be addressed and helped me understand why particular events in my life had occurred and what I needed to do to move on from old negative experiences.

I found that Marie was able to help me get in touch with the core essence of my being in a way that no other healing practitioner has before. I feel Marie would be a great asset to anyone looking to grow spiritually and get to the bottom of their major life issues.

Beaumont Miles


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