Most people who want to get more out life and whom are willing to invest in themselves are seeking coaching or mentoring these days. A coach will kick your butt, get you motivated and bring out the best in you and help you manage your life…… but what about a mentor who can help you navigate your internal world, help heal your inner wounds, shift your beliefs at a core level and help raise your intuition so that you can start hearing and acting upon your souls voice within!

Imagine a psychic healer/therapist on your team. Guiding you to go within and heal those blocks that not only stop you from finding and living your purpose but stop you from hearing and acting upon your own intuition.

Imagine not feeling restless but inspired and excited as you move closer to a life where your in the flow of the universe. Imagine your heart being expanded as you find more joy and freedom in what you do and in your personal relationships. Imagine working in harmony with the universe and learning how to manifest your desires.

The Intuition Ignition program is not for the faint hearted. It is only for those who are ready to dive deep into themselves and clear everything that is holding them back. For those who have the courage and dedication to really invest in themselves so that those dreams they have been holding can finally become a reality. This program is about healing, empowerment and deep connection. Are you ready? To find out more, book a free discovery session.

“…I don’t let fear run my life, thanks to Marie. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a non-judgemental, kind and empathetic mentor to help you to see the true power and potential within you.”

Merryn Beckman 

“…Marie has guided me through the process of awakening to know my intuitive abilities and live in my soul purpose. Living this way, I feel excitement for what I have created and what I will achieve. Thank you, Marie.”

Vanessa R

“When I first found Marie’s Intuition Ignition Program, my business was struggling and my access to intuitive guidance was very blocked, to say the least. I was very hesitant at first to try the Intuition Ignition Program but eventually decided to give it a go, and thank goodness I did. Marie helped me heal a limiting belief I was holding onto around money and time. She also helped me clear up beliefs around being worthy of receiving divine guidance and its possibilities for me. My business is now back on track and functioning very successfully again. And my access to intuitive guidance has opened up beautifully now and has become a very natural process in my life. I cannot be more thankful to Marie and her program.”

Avin Prasad




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“When you heal within, you awaken and transform. When you learn to integrate your transformation, you can then heal and awaken others. And in this way, one by one we heal the world.”

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