The Standing Stones are Australia’s version of stone hedge. When I heard about this ancient discovery and the fight to preserve the stones that had been found I was invited by one of the local elders to a local community gathering to discuss the findings and discuss ways these monuments could be preserved.  When I said yes to attending, and looked at a picture of the stones and the ancient formation, the stones began speaking to me. They had a message for humanity. This message was shared at that meeting. The words act as a transmission. A transmission of remembering. Allow them to heal your soul and open your heart to the truth that speaks through our ancestors, through these stones.

From The Standing Stones….

We are holding the remembering. We bring in the ending of an age to another. Some call it the golden age, call it what you will but the time has come for dreaming to end. Waking from the dream to remembering. Re-member… re meaning join and member.. meaning to re-join together as members of your earth family and the one heritage for all. To re-member that you are a part of a larger community in the cosmos..
For just as the indigenous tribes have been disconnected from their stories, their homes and their people, know that everyone has been disconnected from their heritage where all truth, all light and all harmony resides.

Nothing is owned and nothing is yours. If you are looking for belonging you are looking in the wrong place. No one belongs here we are all but visitors. It is granted that some may not see this because your spirits and souls have been trapped in corrupt systems. We stand for liberation.

We are rocks of consciousness that represent rites of passage. We hold great knowledge of the wisdom of all birth and rebirth, of moving from the old into the new. We hold wisdom of the rites of passage between younger into older generations, between connection and wisdom of balance between the feminine and masculine and most of all we hold consciousness of the connection between the stars and the earth.

You are made of the same matter of the stars.As above so below… As within so without. Just as all plants mirror the energies you all have within you we mirror the energies of the star matter within you… your connection to your greater origins that has been hidden till now.

We have surfaced because it’s time to surface… a new cycle has already begun where your corrupt laws of gravity will be known… for as you know what goes up must come down is the old way… what goes down must come up. Everything will rise… everything will come to light and nothing will be able to hide in the shadows…. everything that has been hidden will come to the surface…

Be at peace and know that although the energy we hold has been stored in stone… our energies can be raised through us and from us for although we are stone… we are not silent… we speak we breathe and we sing. We cannot be silenced… wherever we are we will breathe this new consciousness in. We are pleased we have your attention and honour the people that have gathered here to assist in this important un-earthing.

You are all keepers …. key- pers… you all hold keys within you that have the ability to unlock and free. We ask only that you are mindful that although you see the corruption around you with open eyes and open hearts that you remember that you are not fighting for freedom….
You are simply claiming it. Speak up but do not fight. There is no fight to be had… we are grateful you have come together and be one voice. Thank you for gathering and witnessing that we too have gathered to assist all of humanity.

Read more about Australia’s Stonehenge: the History of an Ancient Stone Arrangement (40 Kilometres from Mullumbimby NSW)

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