Crystal dreaming is a drug-free, non-touch shamanic healing technique developed by Raym Richards over the past 22 years. A unique modality of healing that allows you to access an altered state of consciousness and enter into a journey through time and space. A unique mandala of specific crystals is used along with a guided cleansing meditation to allow a shift in consciousness and an expanded state of awareness.
During a session you will be led to explore blocks in your energy bodies and then guided to find the source of the block and be guided to clear it. What is great about this process is that you are empowered to see hear and feel the guidance you need to be an integral part of your healing process. This fosters a greater awareness and a sense of empowerment that flows though long after your session.

There is also time and space in the journey to access contact with spirit guides, spiritual mentors and experience a divine state of bliss.

Crystal Dreaming is a great platform for deep soul work

I love facilitating this work which brings profound releases and deep emotional and spiritual shifts. Often crystal dreaming work is able to identify issues happening in the here and now which stem from another time and place not limited to this lifetime, often arising from subconscious traumas. The results of Crystal Dreaming sessions are profound, permanent and immediate.
Who should do crystal dreaming?  If you…
are experiencing a sense of disharmony but not sure why
have a mystery condition or issue that doesn’t seem to go away and you haven’t been able to get to the bottom of
feel blocked in any area of your life but can’t find the cause
want to access more of your divine super powers and have a soul connection with divine beings that are guiding you from the other side of the veil
As an advanced practitioner in this work, I have seen people dissolve blocks, clear present and past life traumas and experience divine connections with their own spiritual team that they have been able to continue to work with outside of their journey.
Crystal Dreaming can assist you to experience:
Past life regression

  • Release of phobias, blocks and/or negative energy
  • Removal of entities, curses and alien implants
  • Release of past or present life trauma
  • Soul retrieval process
Profound emotional, physical and spiritual healing

  • Receive answers and insights into your life
Clarity of Life Purpose

Are you ready to access your full potential?

Marie is a highly skilled psychic intuitive medium/healer, psychotherapist and author. She has worked in the fields of addiction and mental health both as a front line worker and tertiary educator and is particularly interested in helping people heal in these areas. She is a Crystal Dreaming, Theta Healing and Gestalt Therapy Practitioner.

Qualified February 2016. Post graduate study. Advanced practitioner.

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“In my practice I have facilitated over five thousand recalls of past life deaths. We all die many, many times in our cycle of death and rebirth. We may experience physical pain and sometimes fear at the moment of death, but it is the emotional trauma experienced when we die that we carry through into subsequent lives, affecting our relationships, career, finances and personality. These traumas, if they are not cleared, stack up and repeat until we clear them. Observe your life and look for repeated patterns, they are clues to deeply held emotional traumas that are ready to be released.”
Raym Richards – Founder of Crystal Dreaming


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