Marie is available to speak at events to share her psychic unfoldment/mental health journey and speak about soul purpose, overcoming adversity, mental health, the spirit world, ascension, empowerment, consciousness, using humour as a therapeutic tool and taking a soul approach to wellbeing.

She is also available to do guest live channellings and, of course, help your audiences be entertained with joy.

Intuition – Empowerment – Manifestation


Learn how to raise your intuition and why it’s so important to mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.
Intuition is something not valued or relied on by most people as we left predominately in a left brained society where things need to be concrete, analysed and evidence based. That’s why relying on our inner voice, guidance or our higher knowing can be difficult. Coupled with seeing things and hearing things that most people don’t can leave a person feeling isolated, weird and different from their peers. When we place more emphasis on understanding non-physical realms instead of running in fear from them, it can open up our whole world and perception of how we see ourselves and our world. We can use our higher knowing to navigate our way through life with more meaning and purpose. We can feel empowered and soul driven giving us peace, clarity and living a life filled with wondrous joy! Your intuition is there to guide you, think about the word In-Tuition as just that. The connection between the inside of you and tuition being a form of teaching or instruction. We are our best teachers if we allow ourselves to be the students of our own higher selves (soul).


Once you learn to trust your gut instincts and act upon them you start to become empowered in a way that demonstrates that you are playing a part in your own reality.
Empowerment comes from bring forward what is in the unconscious to the conscious and tapping into the intuition is like the key to that door. Life doesn’t happen to us. We are creating our experiences through our unconscious belief systems and our conditioning. Blame and victimhood are two of the biggest neuroses deeply embedded in our society. We learn to blame and be victims from our parents, teachers and friends. We hear things like, “he pissed me off, she made me feel upset, he dumped me and ruined my life, or she did this to me” True power is knowing that nobody can do anything to you at any moment or any time. You choose your experiences, reactions and responses and living in this way comes from developing a way of being that supports personal responsibility. Embracing your intuitive abilities means you can see feel and understand the feelings arising within you and where they can help you understand yourself and others.


Once you tap into your own intuition, become empowered, you can start consciously co creating your life by design. Nothing happens by chance. Manifestation is not about controlling but seeing the grand design of your experiences and how they can help you along your path.
Manifestation skills come from how you personally feel and your relationship to how the universe works. The universe acts as a mirror, reflecting back what is within us. Again tapping into intuition is the key to understanding how you can create the experiences and life you want. Want that job promotion, a career change, that relationship, improved financial circumstances? If it was all a recipe and a simple how to manual that we needed, then we would all have those things. We all have unique experiences to learn from and master and going within is the deeper answer to getting what you want in life.
Marie is a talented MC, comedian and speaker. After having Marie MC at my Embody Your Rawness event, I knew I would get her back as an MC and to speak at The Wild Ones Live, a two-day event. Marie can have the room laughing one moment and deep in thought the next. She has so much wisdom, an endless supply of jokes and walks the talk. You know you have nothing to worry about when she is around; she creates a unique and memorable experience for your guests. It’s always a pleasure to have Marie. I highly recommend her.

Amanda J. McKay
Intuitive Lifestyle Coach
Proud Host



Marie Helou is a brilliant satirist, comedian and healer. Having a deep personal perspective regarding mental health issues, practitioner stress, and the need for laughter, this woman addresses large audiences of helping professionals; her humor serves as a balm for the souls. With quick commentary which is contemporary and relevant, she has the inside track on the challenges of being and working with fragile and miraculous human beings.

Never have I heard and seen such generous wit, and so many helpers relieved of their exhaustion and concerns so quickly. If you have the opportunity to see Marie, don’t pass it up. If you are considering contracting Ms. Helou for any routine conference or training session you will certainly not regret the impact that she has on an audience, and every individual in the house. As much as her humor spans the spectrum, she is incredibly sensitive to those who are shy, and the safety of her perception allows every single individual to find their joy.

Marie is a heart filling, belly laugh, thought provoking experience.

Francesca Mason Boring, Author, Facilitator – USA


I began researching all I could about intuition, synchronicity and started working with non-physical guides towards the end of my psychotherapy studies. Having had a history of mental health issues in my family, I was scared of the strange occurrences and signs I appeared to be having. To say it ungrounded me would be an understatement.

What I learn however was that there is a grand design to reality that is not visible to the physical eye and can only be tapped into via the intuition. Real truth and knowledge and the ability to make our way through all our interpersonal relationships was dependant on how healthy my relationship was to myself and my own inner connection.

I went from working predominately as a psychotherapist and tertiary educator in the community services field to having my own healing business and running programs and workshops on raising intuition and healing the blocks that stop us from accessing our no#1 Super Power – Our Intuition

I discovered my intuitive abilities were not only able to help me access other worlds and work as a psychic medium and channel but what really amazed me was the ability for people to really heal within when they tapped into their own intuition. Speaking and teaching about intuition to workplaces, at seminars and events is a passion that I love to share with others. It is a divine privilege to teach and educate people on personal and professional success through accessing and using their intuition.


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