Every year thousands of travellers head to sacred sites around the world in search of an experience. Some, instead of looking in the mirror travel far and wide to find themselves. Others are looking to have awakenings, have a shift or find answers from the divine that could somehow be heightened by being in such a place that carries such energy. Are they wasting their time or is there something to this?

Outside the Hathor Temple

I am a sensitive. I am sensitive to all energies. To those coming from people, from objects and from places. I am not sure how I am able to feel and know the things I do. When it first began, I was more in shock of what came out of my mouth than to those who were hearing it. I remember standing in a house one day after being hired to clear bad spirits from it, looking at the window. As I stood there, momentarily, the frame and structure of the house seemed to melt away until I was just standing there with the trees and the nearby river running through. I had somehow been transported to a different time space in that very position. I could see many wallabies coming to find solace from the heat by resting under the thick green foliage that provided ample shade. I could see them appreciating the clean drinking water. Then as they drank, I could see some aboriginal people also coming to drink as they bent down by the river bank cupping their hands into the water. The wallabies seemed welcoming of their arrival. I watched as they sat in harmony side by side, animal and human drinking in both the shade and the refreshment from the clear river water. Such a peaceful scene. So peaceful; that I didn’t want to return, but I knew I had work to do.

Time to come back. My vision adjusted and the structure of the house began to take form once more. In seconds, I was once again standing on a tiled floor, looking out the window at the back yard with many trees and the vision of the wallabies and natives began to disappear from my eyes. I turned to the home owner and said to her, “this used to be an aboriginal meeting place, a watering hole for the aboriginal people and in particular wallabies”

She instantly smiled, nodding her head. “Yes and sometimes there are wallabies that still come. We see them down through the bush. There is a creek there where they come to drink”

It felt good to receive confirmation even though I did not doubt my experience. “We researched the history of this place before we bought it” The woman continued. “It has sacred energy, but how did you know?”

“I saw it, the tribe, the wallabies, the creek, the water, and yes you are right it does hold sacred energy outside your home…… so let’s sort out what’s going on inside it shall we “ I said.

The Kiosk of Trajan at the Temple to Isis, Horus and Osiris on Philae Island on the River Nile in Egypt

The Dendara Temple Egypt

Gateways and Portals

Sacred sites contain gateways and portals. Not everyone can stand in a place and shift their consciousness to time travel to discover its history; however when a site has been uninterrupted, protected and honoured in its original form, the energy remains so high that the average bear then has access to that energy through gateways and portals.

If the person can quieten their mind long enough, and get into the super conscious mind, they too can experience time travel through consciousness because although the body is a temple it is also a vehicle. The light body attached to the physical has the ability to travel inter-dimensionally. Drunvalo Melchizedek has written extensively about what it is called the mer-ka-bah which means light vehicle.

The light vehicle does act like a time machine but not in the literal sense. In the conscious sense. Our consciousness is not a static energy, it is moving flowing and all-encompassing and not limited by the time space paradigm of the earth grid. We have the capability to travel through time in our consciousness and this ability is heightened in places where it has been preserved and protected from change and especially where the history is honoured.

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