Your world is in for a very interesting ride indeed. We are here to tell you to not allow yourselves to be discouraged when the truth is revealed. This apocoplyse has been long awaited and heralded and assisted by us. We want all to know this is not time for concern, anger, resentment and these vibrations will ensure you do nothing with the opportunity that has presented to all of you. Instead we want you to embrace these exciting times and think of the possibilities of your new world free from the tyranny and covert control it has been under. Firstly, you will know a deep heart felt connection to your true heritage. This will be deeply comforting on many levels if accepted with an open mind will ground you more than you ever know. Truth has a habit of doing that.

Secondly, if you realise you don’t need to change the whole world, just yourself. If you find out the truth that is harming you, change it. Give thanks that the truth has made its way to you and see it for what it is, “for your benefit”.

As you slowly make changes in your life, give the information to your loved ones where comfortable. Remember that truth can be a shock and takes a while to digest so take it easy. Next start to imagine your new world in your minds and it will be created through your thoughts. In our time it has already happened. A new world where your human race exists in harmony however not within the structures you are familiar with. This change for some people will be heralded and easy and for others difficult and strange as they reluctantly give way to new ideas that are so far removed from all they have known.

We want you to imagine your children and youth consulting with scientists, engineers and doctors to assist with new technologies. The collapse of the medical industry where pharmaceutical companies are literally unable to financially support their current structures as more and more people learn the truth and resort to natural systems. There will be those who actively pursue governments to make a change. The governments do not rule you and they never have. The people do. “majority rules” is not just a saying, it’s a spiritual law and the scales are tipping dear ones. If you haven’t already felt the quickening, think about, only 15 years ago, you did not hear such things such as yoga and meditation and yet your football teams regularly get “treated” to this.

As the natural laws return, so will your natural treatments and remedies. Consult with your indigenous. All over your world are indigenous cultures that are more connected to us than even some of them know, for you are all from the stars. Your scientists still not yet making the link with their discoveries that humans are made from the very same matter that makes up the stars. We are your distant relatives but that is not the only reason we have intervened for your behalf. We have an ulterior motive you could say. Scientists may know this as red string theory, some of you as the butterfly effect and some as “mere coincidence” but what happens on one side of planet earth can affect someone else in the same situation on the other side. This then also ripples out beyond that across all level you could say. This means, what happens on planet earth affects the universe, the multiverses and the omniverse. Our survival depends on your survival. However you are already survivors as we come from the future to tell you that you’re returning to the source has already started. It started during the time of the harmonic convergence in 1988. Your earth has been in preparation mode for the window provided to you to help you “tip the scales”. More and more the professionals, who have been unaware of the corruption in the hierarchy that they work within, will become activist for other ways. When they learn that their very fields have been keeping people ill, physically, mentally, and emotionally and a new way is the only way forward, the wave of ascension will rise. Yes the wave. The big wave will build and build and build like a tsunami. This is why so many of you have been dreaming of this big wave that comes and appears to destruct your world. It is a symbol for what is to occur. Yes a big wave is coming but metaphorically speaking. It is in fact a cleansing wave to wash away all corrupt, greed and agendas of power and control that are and have been operating. The great companionship and support that can be offered among you and between you during such “catastrophe” will surprise you and support you to take your own personal stand in reclaiming your rights to be free.

Free from ingesting things which are polluted and designed to keep you captive in your own minds. The easier you go with the raging waves that will come, the easier it will be for you. If you hold on for dear life to the banks, you will be overcome with fear and terror and be swept away. But instead if you let the water carry you and “go with the flow”, you will be carried with the wave that seems tumultuous only to realise the water will eventually pool into a space of calm and tranquillity. For this wave is not a wave of destruction like a tsunami, it’s more of a waterfall.

That is why we say, relax enjoy the ride and tranquillity, harmony and peace will come. Energies such as anger, blame, hate etc will only align you with the very ones who have controlled you. It is important to look at potentials and see the myriad of dreams that can and will come true. Re connection with family and friends, the ability to be independently sustainable without government handcuffs. The ability to allow your children to teach you. New education systems, special schools built, new treatment programs that allow for natural treatment that you don’t pay for with your taxes. The rise of community where your true family expands as you realise you are all connected to one another. The ability to do things beyond your wildest imaginations in your human forms as you realise the true human potential that has been hidden from you. There will be a return to Atlantean times eventually where the “spoken” word will again become a thing of the past. You will all be speaking the same language through your thoughts through mental telepathy. You will not be “working” to satisfy the tax man, only yourselves in the endeavours you want to do and even then, the energy exchange for such things will be a “ill scratch your back if you scratch mine” basis.

If you struggle with these ideas, again we ask you to visit the indigenous elders in your area and communities. Their heritage and ways are more aligned with working in the way that the earth is returning to. It’s “natural” and intended state. Psychic ability will increase and the charlatans will be weeded out. You’ll spot them a mile away. Your intuition levels and “inner knowing” will grow and grow if you don’t oppose it. Again we say, grip to the sides of the bank and your knuckles will turn white as you cannot bear it anymore and get washed away in the dark energy of terror. There will be a new “war on terror” you could say but in reverse. Those who know and feel and who are fully awakened will help those still “holding on for dear life”, assisting them to let go and to let the changes which can and will occur. But what do we do without our financial system? If that collapses, surely we are in for bad times. It depends how you look at it. Those who less invested in monetary pursuits, those who do not have greed in their hearts, those who have light and love and the good will for themselves and others are going to have a much easier ride. Again, we cannot stress enough though that you will have all the resources around you to assist you. If you find you need food or shelter, ask your indigenous. They know how to do this well. It is in their blood. And trust us; we are in your DNA!

You have earthly counterparts to assist your transition as well as the higher dimensions that exist. Those indigenous cultures also will have many parties within them that have heralded this “coming” for many times. They all their different versions of the same “coming”, the great change, etc Same same but different! There is the white calf woman in American Indian cultures, the prophets in Islam, there is the…. And in Christianity it is heralded as the 2nd coming. As we have discussed, do not throw the baby out with the bath water, it is indeed the 2nd coming. Think about it. The story of Jesus was to show the people living on the earth was to show them the “error” of their ways and the real truth of their origins. That we are all from the heavens. As discussed this was corrupted so that other people could rule you.

And a second coming was heralded. And even this was misinterpreted and manipulated you from knowing the truth so be aware. The very people who manipulated this information also know of this “2nd coming” and have tried to prevent it. There is no stopping a tidal wave is there? It wipes away everything in its destruction. It will only wipe those away that it is aimed for. This information is coming to you at this time so that you don’t become a “casualty” not in this war but in this cleansing.

Back to the idea of “the 2nd coming” is that Jesus in what you depicted was meant to come back in the physical form. Yes he is coming back, but we live in modern times now, he will be coming back in what is called “Christ consciousness”. The truth will be given a second time, but this time without the power for it to be corrupted and hidden from all of you. That’s why the veil was lifted for you all. The Mayans knew about this well in advance and part of their mission was to “show you the way” just like Jesus, however as we have said, information has been polluted by those who wish to keep you captive in your non-reality so that they can continue to operate in their ways that feed them.

Many of you have been provided with the opportunity for ascension. This will basically close the gap between what you term as heaven on earth and they will be one in the same. The earth will be your heaven! More on that later.

Now it is important for you to realise that this unveiling now provides you with a choice and a 2nd chance as far as humanity is concerned. Just as you were meant to be educated through example of Jesus Christ and his wife Mary. They together were meant to show the way for all men and women. Not just men. There are laws of harmony that were catapulted into disarray due to this misinformation that caused a great split between the 2 types of humans, males and females. This split was designed to divide and conquer. If you are harming and fighting each other, it makes those in power easier to manage you and makes for “light work” does it not? And ironically enough, the very people in power who are given the right to manage your affairs seem they are doing work of light and working for the best interests of the people but this is all part of the façade.

That’s the basis of all wars that have been waged. Less people, less to manage. This new opening gives you an opportunity to awaken, see the truth which may be hard to handle. That is it. You are then again given a choice to do with what you will. That’s why it’s called free will. We only serve as a guide for you to make it through “exciting” times. Again “exciting” times from our perspective is what may seem as “troubled” times for you.

But it will only be trouble for those who wish to continue to lie, cheat, manipulate exert power and control over others.  So bottom line is, if you already don’t live in these ways and more importantly, “KNOW how to not live in these ways” you have reached home base with no strikes. Some of you however are on your first and 2nd strike stage and that’s where we come in via the purpose of this book. We are here to communicate with you directly in these times to give you the opportunity to not make that 3rd strike so to speak and make it “home” safely! And this is where the tipping of the scales comes into play. This is because the bases are loaded. If you don’t strike out, the rest on their way “home” get to make it all the way there!

Perhaps you are wondering where you fit on the “playing field” in this baseball example. Are you even batting or on one of the bases?  If you are wondering if you’re on one of the bases, then chances are your probably not. For the ones on the bases are the ones that are already the light bearers working for the good of all humanity.  For there are many among you who are already paving a way that operate in examples of truth and light. They already know who they are at this stage of the game.

So that leaves the rest of you wondering where you are. You are certainly not going to “hell” as we have already established you create your own hell and your own heaven.

We put it this way… at this stage; the ones who have “run” the show up until NOW have already struck out. Goneskies. That leaves the remaining of you… on their 1st and 2nd swings.

There are those who not quite sure where they stand on anything and not even sure how to bat..1st swing…and those who struck out the first time planning to “aim” harder and really hit that baby this time round. So with their best intentions they are determined to “make good” on the 2nd shot.

But unless you know all the rules of the game, have all the information and at least some guidelines, then you can’t win! For there are some of you who still operate in modes of fear power and control without your own conscious awareness. You have lived in that paradigm for that long; you see it as “normal”. Even with your best intentions, you cannot get out of the rut you are in.

You constantly are looking to change your outside circumstances to change the place within where your energetic system rides all of its emotions. If they did this and they did that I would be happy.  If they never did this or that, I would be okay now. You have been taught externals make you happy. We are here to tell you, your world has operated in reverse. If you had been taught to drive backwards from the very day you learnt how to drive and everyone else drove backwards, you would consider this as normal. And yet there are many now who have learned to switch gears and go the other way and they are the ones who are looked at as crazy. We illustrate our example in this way to show you that the very “black” sheep of your society are the ones who can assist you most in this time. The ones labelled with mental illness, given drugs to supress, quieten, and to shut down their systems as they are the ones who are REALLY “in the know” From the perspective of the ones who have controlled your countries, societies, health care systems, education systems even down to your food and water supply and weather, yes weather, the ones locked up or labelled in your mental health facilities are irritating “mosquitoes”. The mental health system has been put into position to keep the “gifted” at bay. The ones whose senses…DNA or family line that come from Christ consciousness, (Yes Jesus had children) who have innate gifts in their blood line or those who are from our stellar star system who chose to incarnate in human form to assist the planet at this important time are the ones most heavily targeted because they are the 3 biggest threat to their survival of tranny, power and control.

We say 3, because amongst this group is women. So there are the blood lines of Christ consciousness that have innate abilities handing down in their genetics which make them “pure”, wishing to do good and who have miraculous innate healing powers. Then there are the new children being born who have been encoded from other world such as ours as part of the ascension process which infiltrated these blocks so “new lines” could be introduced. And then there are women. Jesus and Mary made a fantastic team working and balancing each other’s that they could do miracles together more than any “man” on their own. Women also had taps into secret knowledge through their bodies, cycles and were intuitive and prophetic in nature. Hidden agendas and foretelling for the real truth were a major threat.

So they came up with a plan that would “kill” not 2 but 3 birds with one stone. Create a false religion where belief systems would keep people stuck and make it so real, they will all fight each other, believe they have to be good to “get to heaven” and pass these very teachings onto each other through family lines.

To capture those “slipping through the cracks”, they made concoctions of poisons titled “medications’, manipulated health and scientific information to keep the peoples unawares and created another “false belief system” that would ensure the ones who are awakened or are starting to awaken are “put in their place” so to speak. Their places are 3 levels also. Jails, institutions and death. The ones who opposed the laws, and did not “behave” were put in jails, the ones who were gifted into mental wards and the ones who were newly arrived upon “cosmic/higher” intervention were poisoned through vaccines with deadly diseases that would kill them and more than half their expected life span. Why do you think such vaccines actually change the genetic codes within children. If you research the information via the people who are already speaking out you will find this to be the case.

That’s the kind of “risk management” that has been running your world. Please take very good note of “has been”.  Because that’s exactly what they are; Has been’s! There will be those among you who will be called to offer extra strength, courage and support. With this support more and more of you will share your story. The more publicly the better! You have the internet now. Great technology and it is the great technology that was actually created to monitor and control you that has done a backward spin on those in control. They didn’t see this one coming! That is why in some parts of your world there are current government motions in place to restrict content and to actually abolish and bring down the World Wide Web. There is also false information placed there by those in the “know” with control agendas and even false information from people with good intention oblivious to the cold hard facts of what’s really been going on.  DISCERNMENT is the key ingredient needed in such times. If you don’t already operate predominately on intuition, you will need to so learn how.

But again, know this, there is a “WEB” that lives and breathes that they can never destroy, manipulate, infiltrate and that is the web of energy fields you currently reside in. Master these and you won’t need a phone let alone a computer. What we speak of is not wizardry, evil or wishful thinking. It is a reality that exists. There are those of you who already know this and have communicated like this at times. For those, this type of communication will increase. For the parents who have the new breeds born into their family, learn from them, as your “Whitney Houston” once said, “The children are the future, teach them well and let them lead the way”. The only exception is with this statement, is that in some case you will have nothing to teach them and they will teach you EVERYTHING.

There will be those being born and still yet to be born that will shock you with their awareness that will be so scute even the most ignorant of parents will not be able to ignore. These ones will be able to transmute anything instantly that is meant for them or their bodies, even if they are polluted by such “poisons” thus healing themselves and if you let them they will heal you!!!

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