Angela CG Banovic5 star

As soon as I saw Marie I knew she was meant to do the reading/healing. Thank you so much you were beyond spot on and I feel so free and happy! Well actually that afternoon I felt like a different person after the healing you gave. You are a gifted healer and I’m so lucky to have had met you! Will be in touch soon for the family member we spoke about. Thank you also for clearing my energy as I really was all over the place with the decision I made prior to coming to see you. I was able to stay strong and true to myself and communicate to certain people the way I needed to which was best for all involved. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

Alison Gaboid Achker5 star

Marie Antoinette, you have left me crying and speachless. The amount of accuracy and information you have given me is amazing. I can’t thank you enough for my reading and I can’t begin to thank you enough for the messages you have given me. You’re truly a blessing and I’m so happy that I was able to book in a session with you. Looking forward to letting it all take its course… Thank you. ❤️❤️❤️

Flaminia Chiara Carra5 star

Went in open minded, didn’t know what to expect yet I got a thorough reading and messages from my loved ones. It all started with Marie asking me if my mother’s name (she passed away and she sensed that also) started with a ‘c’ and it did. Insighful and great learning experience. Will be back for more chats. Highly recommend!

Amrita Emily Pickett5 star

The experience today with myself was extremely surreal and I appreciate the time Marie took out and guided me. She was absolutely lovely and provided a lot of insight in relation to my life. Thank you

Amalia Fondas5 star

Marie is a very special lady. I’m astounded by her accuracy. What a beautiful person with so much insight and a great delivery of information. I cannot thank her enough. I highly recommend her xx

 Beaumont Miles5 star

I was extremely fortunate to meet Marie when I did and get a reading done by her. In many ways I was aware of what was happening for me at the time, but Marie pinpointed an issue that needed to be addressed and helped me understand why particular events in my life had occurred and what I needed to do to move on from old negative experiences. I found that Marie was able to help me get in touch with the core essence of my being in a way that no other healing practitioner has before. I feel Marie would be a great asset to anyone looking to grow spiritually and get to the bottom of their major life issues.

Sheera Ann5 star

What can I say….Marie read me like as though I was an open book. Thank you for your guidance and words of wisdom. You have made me feel even more empowered and confirmed that I am on the right spiritual path. I know that I will embrace my gifts to help others 🙂 P.S. I look forward to seeing your book one day in a book shelf and reading it.

Samantha MacDonald Palusa4 star

I’ve had 2 readings with Marie and both times she was so helpful and on point with my questions and concerns. I’ve felt calm and grounded after both readings.. and also felt time was utilized appropriately. I highly recommend Marie if you need assistance with gaining clarification and advice from the stars. Thanks Marie

Anonymous5 star

Marie! Thank you for always helping and giving such accuracy. I have used you many times and there is no other like you. You are amazing and I feel blessed to have you do my readings 🙂

Katie Burchett5 star

What can I say but Marie was spot on with everything, she have me light at the end of a very dark tunnel!!! A truly amazing experience!! Thank you so much!!!!

Tia Pogue5 star

I had a healing done with Marie, who has helped me deal with my anxiety that i have had for most of my life! it had got so bad that i would have an attack each time i left the house. i let the new energy settle for a couple day after the healing, my test was leaving the house to go to an appointment which i would normally have had an attack and i didnt. i was calm the whole way there…Marie is a talented and gifted woman, i highly recommend her!!

Angela Bennett5 star

This chick is awesome!Knew things I’d not even mentioned. Broke through my barriers regarding my mum & other things. I’d highly recommend you to anyone looking for services along these lines. Thank you Marie.

Jazzy May5 star

Marie is amazing at what she does.Marie was spot on with everything in my experience with her. I would definitely recommend her. She helped me a lot.

Nikki Parsons5 star

I had an amazing session with Marie that was very insightful. I am now ready and determined to move forward in my life, feeling totally in control of the drivers seat…

Tracy – Email

I had a reading with Marie and it was incredible. It was very insightful as well as being wonderfully healing. A few days after this experience, I said a prayer thanking the universe for sending Marie my way. I say this because I had a blockage in my life that I have been unable to shift for many years and I knew I needed help to do this but I needed the right person who could truly see, feel and know what was happening to me. Over the years, I went to many different healers searching for the one who could assist me. Then I found Marie who helped me. Even after my healing session with Marie, I continue to follow her guidance and her sage advice that was shared with me. I continue to remain clear and now my destiny will be fulfilled. Many blessings, Tracy


Naina Shrestha  —5 Star

Your healing on me worked. I couldn’t believe how I was stuck with my sad past. I felt so light after the theta healing that you did on me.
You are amazing Marie. Love and blessings Naina

Dolores Romero – 5 Star

Just touching base with you post session.

Firstly, the chronic tightness of chest I had been feeling has dissolved completely.  I do a lot of driving for markets, in the very recent psst I would automatically feel panic in my chest ..ALL GONE.  When I take my thoughts to  few people I know that I don’t resonate with I no longer have those feelings of irritability.  Today I have quite a few tasks to commence that are new and I honestly feel an ease around commencing them.  Overall a lightness of being and a renewed sense of presence.Marie, you’re an A Class Theta Healer and much more.  I feel so blessed to have met you.

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